Back Up to the Cloud

ToughPress subscribers get current, accessible, redundant backups. In the event of a disaster, I'll restore your most recent backup for you. This is peace of mind.

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Speed-Dial Support

Site broken, hacked, or acting weird? Email, call, or text me. You'll up and running again in hours, not days. No more waiting and wishing for a flaky programmer to answer your emails.

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Ideal for Solo-Preneurs

Hack clean-ups can cost hundreds of dollars. The most basic WordPress repairs can cost $75 to $100 per hour. ToughPress gives bloggers and solo-preneurs full disaster coverage for a low-monthly subscription.

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Malware Monitoring

Hackers are always trying to break in and wreak havoc, so ToughPress subscribers' sites are scanned for malware multiple times daily. If a hacker manages to sneak in, I'll clean up the hack at no additional charge.

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